Mung bean sprouts

Turn your dried beans into greens! It is an easy and relatively fast way to grow something fresh and crispy on board.

I like mung beans, because they dont need as much cooking time compared to other beans. By sprouting them you can eat them raw, although some people like to fry them shortly before eating.

I read that you can also sprout lentils and chickpeas, or any whole bean, but I have not tried that yet.

Rinse the dried mung beans and place them in a jar with a wide mouth. The jar I used in the picture is not ideal, because it was hard to get the sprouts out once they grew larger! Fill 1/4 of the jar with beans, not more. They will take a lot of space while sprouting. Place a cheesecloth on top. I used a piece of bandage from the EHBO kit and fixed it with a hair elastic.

Fill the jar with water and let the beans soak overnight.

Drain the water and place the jar somewhere out of direct sunlight. They need an airflow, so don’t put them in a small closed space.

Rinse the beans two times a day and drain the water through the cheesecloth. If you can, put the jar upside down to let the water drain some more, so the sprouts in the bottom won’t go bad.

After 3-5 days you will have nice sprouts!

I like to eat them raw on top of soups or whatever dish. It is also nice to fry them shortly with an onion and garlic. Or add them into your dish in the final 2 minutes of cooking.