Cheese for chaeters

The one thing we really miss in the Caribbean is tasty and affordable cheese. Probably the French islands have plenty of nice cheeses, but since it does not look like we are going to visit any of these islands soon due to the coronavirus, I started to make our own.

Let’s be honest. This cheese tastes like nothing. You can not expect that from a cheese that is ready in 15 minutes. No, it is not really cheese, but the idea of cheese. Cheese for cheaters.

What you need:

  • one liter of milk (we use milk powder and water)
  • two spoons of vinegar
  • cheesecloth, or something else like the sling with three points that you use to support a broken arm.
  • optional but recommended: some salt, some spices, whatever things with taste.

Steps to do:

  • bring the milk to a boil and turn of the heat
  • add the vinegar and stir
  • let the milk clutter for a few minutes
  • pour the cluttered milk in a cheesecloth (or the three point sling from your EHBO kit, used in the picture)
  • hang the cloth on a spoon and let the want-to-be-cheese drip out
  • squize it if you are an impatient person

And there you have it. A little something to comfort your cheese cravings, a little moist on your bread. I added some salt and spices, as you can see on the picture, which made it taste like spices and salt. I think some nuts and honey may be nice. Make it whatever you want it to be!